World Vegan Day & Karnataka Rajyotsava Recipes

Happy World Vegan Day and Karnataka Rajyotsava! A beautiful movement and a beautiful state celebrate their anniversary on November 1st

Sun Nov 1, 2020

Traditional Vegan Recipes from Karnataka

Happy World Vegan Day and Karnataka Rajyotsava! A beautiful movement and a beautiful state celebrate their anniversary on November 1st. 

For these two special occasions, we have put together the best of both worlds – traditional vegan recipes from Karnataka! What better way of celebrating today! 

None of these recipes contain refined flours, refined sugar, extracted oil, milk, ghee, butter, curds or any other disease-causing ingredient. What does this mean? These absolutely yummy dishes can prevent and even reverse diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity! If you are from Karnataka, you’ll be able to easily convert them to healing recipes by following our guidelines in each recipe. If you are vegan, you can serve up the authentic taste of Karnataka cuisine today! We hope you enjoy them! 🙂

1. Bale Hannina Rasayana | Banana Pudding

Bana Pudding is a simple yet delectable, traditional, vegan recipe from Karnataka. Whip it up in less than two minutes! Read the full recipe for whole food plant based bale hannina rasayana here.

2. Massoppu Saaru

Massoppu saaru is a south Karnataka delicacy, from Bengaluru, Mandya and Mysore. It is a hot favourite with Ragi balls / Mudde. This dish is filled with goodness that comes from greens and lentils. Massoppu (Masidha soppu) translates to ‘mashed greens’. Cooked greens are mashed to make this dish. Enjoy making whole food plant based Massoppu Saaru with this recipe.

3. Kumbalkai Kottige Kadubu | Steamed Sweet Pumpkin & Red Rice Dumplings

This rustic Karnataka delicacy belongs in a Gourmet Menu! Sweet pumpkin and unpolished red rice come together in a confluence to create this hearty dish. Main course or dessert, this versatile recipe can work both ways. Get the full whole food plant based kumbalkai kottige recipe here.

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4. Ragi Mudde | Steamed Finger Millet Dumplings

Ragi mudde could well be one of the oldest staple dishes in south Karnataka, in cities like Bengaluru, Mandya and Mysore. Ragi or finger millet is one of the most nutritious, protein and calcium rich millets, very popular among farmers’ communities. Ragi mudde is both vegan and whole food plant based by default - as long as you skip the salt! Get the full whole food plant based ragi mudde recipe here.

5. Jhunka Vade | Gram Flour Cutlets

Jhunka vade is a mouth watering steamed vada from North Karnataka and Maharashtrian cuisine, made with gram / besan flour.It is generally served with Jowar roti or bhakri. There are two versions of jhunka – one is a gravy, called jhunka in Karnataka and Pithla in Maharashtra. The other is this recipe, Jhunka vade, a solid preparation. Jhunka vade is very easy to make and requires very few ingredients. Get the full whole food plant based zhunka vade recipe here.

6. Jolada Roti | Jowar Bhakri | Sorghum Flatbread

Jowar Roti is a gluten free Indian flatbread. This millet roti is extremely nutritious, affordable and easy to make. It is a staple cereal in many parts of the country, predominantly Rajasthan and parts of North Karnataka. Jowar like many millets are hardy crops and grow well in dry conditions making it a boon in hot dry areas. Get the full whole food plant based jolada roti recipe here.

7. Moonga Udhak | Green Gram Milk or Mylk

The early summer morning beverage that’s been in fashion for the last few centuries in Karnataka, green gram mylk or moonga udhak is a drink prepared from roasted moong dal and jaggery. Udhak means water in Konkani, and mylk is the name for plant based milk. Green gram mylk is perfect when you have a long morning of hard work ahead of you! Here’s to a good cup of tradition from the grinding stone! Get the full whole food plant based moonga udhak recipe here.

8. Tila Udhak | Sesame Milk or Mylk

If you walk on the streets of towns in coastal Karnataka, you will find Tila Udhak or Ellu Neeru being sold in roadside shops. Bhatkal, Kundapur or Udupi, you can be sure to get a good cold glass any time of the day. Make sure to check if they use cow’s milk though!You will find that this recipe gives you a brownish milk, while the milk available in shops is white. This is because they use white, refined til. The calcium and healing properties that til is known for is present in the black, unrefined til, hence that is what we have used. We have also used date syrup instead of sugar or jaggery. Get the full whole food plant based sesame milk recipe here.

9. Jolada Kadubu | Sorghum Dumplings in Lentil Soup

Sorghum dumplings or Joladha Kadubu is popular in the Banahatti region of Bagalkot district, North Karnataka, where this dish is one of the few that are permitted in villages for patients and lactating mothers. One reason is because the dish is cooked without oil. Get the full whole food plant based jolada kadubu recipe here.

10. Pulihora | Puliyogre | Kokum Garcinia Red Rice

Extracted oil is a processed food. On the other hand, whole nuts prevent and even reverse heart disease! We have written a detailed oil-free pulihora recipe step by step! Hope you enjoy this whole food plant based puliyogare recipe!

We hope you enjoy these recipes! Please share this page using the sharing buttons so your family and friends can enjoy these yummy dishes as well. Happy World Vegan Day and Karnataka Rajyotsava! 🙂

Dr Achyuthan Eswar
Lifestyle Physician & Co-founder,, PHC Lifestyle Clinic & Plant-based Kitchen.


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