Plant Based Diet Masterclass


Join Thousands of others! Learn to Easily Apply Cutting Edge Nutrition Research to Prevent & Reverse Disease for You & Your Family

Designed by India's leading Lifestyle Physician Dr. Achyuthan Eswar


Plant Based Diet Masterclass

Learn to Reverse Disease & Achieve Health Through Food as Medicine

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Instructors: Dr. Achyuthan Eswar


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Evidence-based Scientific Nutrition through Plant-based Foods


Presented by Dr. Achyuthan Eswar & Shyamala Suresh


Learn the Science of Preventing and Reversing Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease


Easy ways to eat healthier for you and your family.



Disease Reversal
  • Learn how to reverse diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, PCOD, and asthma by removing the root cause of the diseases and giving the body an opportunity to heal itself. 
  • Many diabetics and hypertensives have reduced and even eliminated their medications and insulin after this workshop.

Traditional Indian Healing Secrets

  • How your great grandmother was right about many traditional foods and practices
  • How you can scientifically apply these powerful principles to be the healthiest version of yourself today, validated by the best of modern scientific research. 
  • Discover the Spectrum of Healthy Eating, from ancient spices to superfoods.

Healthiest Foods

  • Is cold pressed oil better than refined oil?
  • Is Desi cow milk good for us?
  • What about jaggery?
  • Find out which ingredients to buy for your kitchen
  • Simplified recipe creation tips and tricks
  • Upgrade from disease causing foods to healing foods!


Designed by Dr. Achyuthan Eswar

  1. Planting a Seed: What is a Whole Food Plant Based Diet?
This module will introduce learners to the Plant Based Diet Masterclass, the inspiration behind the course and an introduction to the facilitators. This module will lay the foundation for the rest of the course and set its objectives and orientation.

  2. Rooting it Out: What is the Root Causes of Diseases?
What are the root causes of our leading lifestyle diseases? Heart-disease, Diabetes, Hypertension and many more, share the same root causes. In this module, we dive right into the crux of the matter and look at research findings, highlighting the three most common lifestyle diseases in the country.

  3. Travelling Through Time: What did we Evolve Eating?
The food that we evolved eating over billions of years has changed in the last few hundred. This module takes us to our roots. What do we as a species thrive on? When did these natural patterns change? What are the effects of such a change and how do we go back to get ahead in the health game.

  4. Whitewashing of Food: How do Processed Food Affect our Health?
Processed foods, from a health perspective extends beyond store bought junk and eating out. In this module, we look at the definition of processed foods and why they are unhealthy for us. We will also explore commonly used processed ingredients in our kitchen one by one and learn how to swap them with healthy alternatives.

  5. Health, Environment and Ethics: How do Animal Derived Food Affect our Health and Environment?
In this module, we look at animal foods through various lenses; health, ethics and environment. We examine the effects of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products individually based on the best available balance of evidence and look at replacements to transition to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.

  6. Myth Versus Facts: What are the Unique Benefits of Different Whole Plant Foods?
Fruits, vegetables, legumes and pulses, grains, nuts, mushrooms, herbs and spices. In this module we look at the unique health benefits of each category of Whole Plant Foods through evidence based nutrition.

  7. Reconnecting to our Instincts: How Can we Listen to our Body?
In this module, we understand and reconnect to our instincts. We explore the interplay between our instincts and the food we have come to eat. We explore practices to decondition and connect back to our taste buds.

  8. Answering: Is This Healthy?
We live in a world with endless choice as far as food is concerned. How do we then identify which foods are healthy? In this module we look at simple ways of understanding what constitutes healthy food, how to identify them easily and what to look out for when choosing what’s best for our health

  9. Diving Deep: How Science and Wisdom go Hand-in-hand?
In this module we take a closer look at various whole plant foods and understand the calorie - antioxidant spectrum. We also explore traditional wisdom around food and see how it ties in with the science.

   10. Becoming a Masterchef: How to Cooking the Healthiest Whole Food Plant Based Dishes?

This module lays out simple steps to cook delicious whole food plant based dishes across cuisines. We take a fresh new approach to cooking, with an open mind to experimenting and finding our flavours while also using the healthiest whole food plant based ingredients in a way that preserves nutrition best. 

  11. Bonus Module: How to make Oil-Free Tadka?
Finish cooking your meal in style with our oil/ghee free tadka!

  12. Pots and Pans: What is Best Cooking Equipment for Health?

What kind of vessels are the best? Does this really make a difference? This module answers these questions and more through the lens of health.

  13. Cooking Methodology: How to Cook to Best Preserve Nutrition?

This module will take the learner through various cooking methods and how each of them preserve or destroy nutrition. We will focus on using methods that best preserve nutrition while also lending to making our everyday dishes.

  14. Freedom from Cravings: How to Overcome Cravings?

Many of our food choices are driven by cravings. Understanding cravings and where they come from is the first step to dealing with them. In this module, we look at not just managing, but overcoming our cravings through awareness, understanding and practice using powerful scientific tools.

  15. The Complete Picture: What are the Macro and Micronutrients we get through Whole Plant Foods?

This module will focus on looking at food as a whole package and not merely as macronutrients , i.e., fats, carbohydrates and protein. We also look at how to ensure that we meet all our macro and micronutrients from the best sources, whole plant foods every day.

  16. Deficiencies and Diet: What Supplements do we need on a Whole Plant Diet?

In this module we focus on understanding what are some of the nutrients that we may be deficient in, why and how to overcome the same.

  17. Plant Powered Athlete: Is a Plant Based Diet Suitable for Athletes?

Do we get enough protein on a plant based diet? Perhaps the most common questions among athletes and non-athletes alike. This module will focus on what the best and optimal diet for an athlete is and answer questions around the need for supplementation as well. We will also explore how much we should exercise everyday and what the best exercises are.

  18. Food for Thought: What is the Role of our Mind in Healing?

In this module we look at the role of stress in our lives and the need to find ways of mitigating the same. We look at benefits of practices such as meditation and horticultural therapy as a part of a holistic lifestyle. We also touch up on the relationship between the food we eat and our mind.

  19. Charting Unfamiliar Territories: How can we Travel on Plant Based Diet?

Adopting a new lifestyle is challenging enough in familiar settings such as our homes and cities. What about in unfamiliar territories such as a different country or city while travelling? In this module we talk about how we can stay healthy while eating delicious food even while travelling. We have practical tips on planning, packing and finding restaurants so that we stay healthy while travelling.

  20. Friends, Family and Food: How to Deal with Family and Friends while we Shift to a Plant Based Diet?

Many of us struggle with the social aspects of food. Especially when we make changes to include only healthy foods, we face resistance, confusion and questions from our near and dear ones. Family and friends play a huge role in the food we eat. This module focuses on the social challenges of making a dietary transition and how to deal with the same in the most non-violent manner.

  21. Catch 'em Young: Is a Plant Based Diet Optimal for Children?

Is a Whole Food plant Based Diet optimal for children? Do children need some special food in their growing years? This module answers these questions and more about the suitability of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet for children, and things that should be kept in mind specifically for children.

  22. Plant Powered Pregnancy: Is a Plant Based Diet Optimal During Pregnancy?

  23. Plant Powered Lactation: Is a Plant Based Diet Optimal for Lactating Women?

  24. Age no Bar: Is a Plant Based Diet Optimal for the Elderly?

  25. Plant Powered Feasts! How to Cook a Whole Food Plant Based Meals during Special Occasions?

We look at cooking delicious and healthy whole food plant based festive dishes in this module. Food is to be celebrated and enjoyed, we show how to do this mindfully while still being healthy through our many tips and curated special festive recipe books.

  26. Diet and Disease: How can we Reverse Chronic Lifestyle Diseases through Diet?

The highest risk for many of our lifestyle diseases is diet. In this module, we look at how we can reverse a plethora of chronic lifestyle diseases, some disorders, deal with our mental health better and achieve our ideal weight through a whole food plant based diet.

  27. The Journey Begins: Course Wrap Up

As we wrap up our Plant Based Diet Masterclass, we touch up on affordability of a Plant Based Diet. We go on to provide learners with course resources for future reference and further learning.



The PHC Lifestyle Clinic team led by Dr. Achyuthan Eswar has trained thousands of people on adopting Whole Food Plant Based diets with ease over the last five years. 

Join today to benefit from our experience and expert knowledge.



Dr. Eswar is the co-founder of PHC Lifestyle Clinic, & He is a Naturopathy and Yoga physician who devoted his life to Lifestyle Medicine when his grandparents started reversing their diabetes and high blood pressure after 30 years of suffering, in just ten days, with a plant-based diet.



Having been in the fitness world since her childhood, Shyamala found that the biggest leap forward in her personal training happened with a plant-based diet. Ever since, she thrives on empowering people to enhance their physical fitness and performance through healthier lifestyles.


Thank you again 🙏🙏 I am amazed by the variety of food that I am cooking for the past five days! It has been therapeutic, a blessed connection with body n food ♥️

By Nanda S

My BP without medication is mostly around 115/75 these days, I lost 6 inches from my waist and 3 kilos on the scale in just 3.5 months. This journey isn't about lost kilos and inches, it also significantly enhances who I am, what I do and who I want to be. Now that I have personally experienced the power of WFPB diets and strength training, I know I am committed to this process for life long. This was so simple and sustainable, that I can't believe everyone on the planet hasn't shifted to WFPB diets already!

By Shalini

My transformation has been nothing short of amazing! I have achieved better health and a slimmer waist by eating three course meals! I have started enjoying the food I eat. My health has improved and my weight has reduced by 15 kgs! When I learnt how to 'Be Your Own Doc' I am no more a patient, the quality of my life has improved and I'm enjoying every moment!

By Raghavan



Learn to prepare Zero Oil, Zero Sugar, Zero Ghee, Zero Milk, healthiest AND super delicious version of any recipe you desire. This is NOT just any cooking demonstration, but a hands-on training in applying scientific principles of Healthy Eating in your everyday cooking!


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