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Kickstart your journey towards better health with 21 nutrition science videos, daily meal plans & 200+ whole food plant based recipes.

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  • 21 Nutrition Science Videos
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  • 200+ Whole Food Plant Based Recipes from Around the World

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  • Learn the ONLY diet proven to prevent and reverse heart disease, the number one killer in the world
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  • Wake up feeling fresh. Stay energetic throughout the day.
  • Effortlessly move towards your ideal weight
  • Start treating high cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension and reduce your dependency on medications!

Why Choose Plant-based Diet?

A Whole Food Plant Based Diet is the only diet scientifically proven to prevent and reverse Heart Disease, as well as treat other chronic lifestyle diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity. Following the best available balance of evidence, a whole food plant based diet is a way of eating that eliminates animal foods and processed foods. This way of eating includes food that is from plant sources only like fruits, vegetables, pulses and legumes, nuts, whole grains, herbs and spices and mushrooms!


Disease Prevention

It aids in the prevention and reversal of chronic lifestyle diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Heart disease, Asthma, PCOS, and many others.


Eat More, Weigh Less

It helps one reach our ideal weight by eating delicious Whole Food Plant Based meals everyday, without starvation or strict portion control


Better Quality of Life

It helps improve our quality of life. We feel more active and energetic on a Whole Food Plant Based Diet, have better skin and hair, are in a better mood, improves ability to focus among other things



200 + Delicious Recipes


Nutritional Highlights in each recipe


Meal Plan with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for 21 days


Easy to Cook Meals with Everyday Ingredients


A Video a day on Plant Based Nutrition for 21 Days


Easy and Free Lifetime Online Access


Complete Introduction to a Plant Based Diet


Access to Evidence Based Videos and Blogs by Dr. Achyuthan Eswar


Community Support from the NutritionScience.in Team



In his quest to learn how to heal without medicine, Dr. Achyuthan Eswar explored different streams of medicine before choosing to study BNYS at India's leading College of Naturopathy and Yoga, SDMCNYS. This was following his mother’s recovery from Migraine and Sinusitis without medication, through diet, exercise and other positive lifestyle changes. Subsequently, his grandparents also successfully reversed Diabetes and Hypertension respectively and Obesity without medication.
Inspired by the transformation of his family, Dr. Eswar decided to dedicate his life to empowering people to #BeYourOwnDoc using the latest, evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine. After staying back to head a 100-member team in setting up an exhibition on Naturopathy and Yoga for the International Conference on Yoga and Naturopathy, Dr. Eswar co-founded PHC Lifestyle Clinic and NutritionScience.in, an evidence-based nutrition website. His clinic and website have reached 20,000+ people today, spearheading the lifestyle medicine revolution in India.
Dr. Eswar also co-founded SampoornaAhara.com India's first Whole Food Plant Based kitchen and food delivery service, with the singular aim of enabling the reach of Whole Food Plant Based food on every plate.