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Healthy Eating for Kids - Online Course for Parents

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, Janani Eswar, Aditi Eswar


Why this course?


This 8 day course, Healthy Eating for Kids, is an essential guide to help parents plan for healthy eating and a balanced diet for their kids. Parents will learn about the variety of foods available on a whole food plant based diet and how to incorporate healthy snacks into their daily routine. This course provides tips on how to encourage your kids to make healthy food choices and how to design a balanced diet.

Parents, are you concerned about whether your children are eating enough nutrition on a plant based diet? Then this workshop is for you.

We will cover topics such as calcium, iron, working with fussy eaters, protein, planning balanced meals and more.

Through this workshop, you'll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that your children are getting all the nutrients they need in order to grow up strong and healthy. Sign up today and get started on providing your kids with a healthier future!

Course Curriculum

How to Use This Course?
Is Plant-based Diet Safe and Healthy for Kids?
Is Plant-based Diet Safe and Healthy for Kids? (15:00)
How do I Ensure My Children Get Enough Protein on a Plant-based Diet?
How do I Ensure My Children Get Enough Protein on a Plant-based Diet? (14:00)
Iron Rich Diet - How to Ensure Babies & Children get Enough Iron on a Whole Food Plant Based Diet?
Iron Rich Diet - Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (10:00)
BONUS - Iron in diet charts - instructions
BONUS : Healthy Eating for Kids - Iron - Diet chart planner
Calcium Rich Diet - How To Meet Calcium Requirement for Optimal Growth and Strenght?
Calcium Rich Diet - Shyamala Suresh (10:00)
BONUS: Calcium rich foods - Chart to add in diet planning
Nutrition during the first two years of life
Nutrition during the first two years of life (36:00)
Nutrition during 3-8 yrs of age
Nutrition during 3-8 yrs of age - Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (16:00)
Nutrition Between 9 - 13 years of age
Nutrition Between 9 - 13 years of age (16:00)
How to make 'Healthy Junk Food' and Nutritious Snacks like Dairy Alternatives that Children Enjoy
Recipes for Healthy Kids Online Workshop from (1) (9 pages)
Meal Plan examples
Meal Plans - Healthy Eating for Kids (19:00)
Meal Plans Excel Sheet

How to Use

This Course will have a video each day. Do keep aside 15-30 mins each day to watch and implement the lesson for the day. 

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Get 1 new lesson per day


And a support group




Easy Healthy Snacking


10 Days



Learn the Science behind the a whole food plant based diet and explore how it is safe for children to follow.



Get recipes for healthy meal times, yummy snacks, and calcium and iron rich treats.


Meal Planning

Learn how to check if your child has a balanced diet as well as a varied diet.

Covers nutrition for 0-13 yrs

Nutritional needs are different for children of varying ages. 

For infants between the ages of 0-6 months, breast milk is the most important food source to ensure proper growth and development. As they transition into solid foods, they will need a variety of foods that provide key nutrients such as iron and zinc. As the years go, their needs change. This course gives a good foundation for parents to start planning their children's diets.


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Co-Founder, Sampoorna Ahara and


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Co-Founder, Sampoorna Ahara and


Definitely the healthiest cake ever. Happy and peaceful stomach unlike any other cake. No need to hide this cake from kids or people with health issues fearing more illness. What a mastermind to come up with such goodness keeping both health and taste in mind.

By Sudharni

My kids and I love this! They make their own burgers and devour them with their other nut cream cheese options...loaded with vegetables ❤!

By Vid S

Thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed heart felt from the bottom of my heart. My energy levels are at a different level. Hunger is back and I'm feeling soo good. The best thing to have happened to my health. My cells are receiving all the nutrients and I can see it thriving through my energy. 

By Reba P

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