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Instructors: Dr Achyuthan Eswar & 60+ Leading Experts

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Dedicated to Radha Eswar

Mentor & Founder, Fractal Entrepreneurship Foundation

The first time people met her, they called her 'Mam'
The last time, they called her 'Amma'
Everything you see on this website is born out of Radha's vision for a healthier, more equitable world.

Sadly, despite our best efforts, Radha lost her battle to breast cancer in April 2023.

In her honor, 60+ world renowned speakers have come together to make healthy eating easier for you.

We hope joining this campaign helps you and your family live longer, healthier, happier lives together.
Be blessed.

Why this course?

What Do You Get?

Starting in June 2023, learn to cook 30 healthy & tasty traditional Indian dishes from various cuisines of India.

Join this exciting healthy eating campaign & get 1 Expert Talk + 1 Recipe Video per week for 30 weeks

Here's what you get:
šŸŽ 30+ Traditional Indian recipes that are Healthy & Tasty
šŸŽ Easily implement scientific nutrition in your kitchen
šŸŽ Tips & tricks to make healthy eating easier for you and your family
šŸŽ Attend talks, Live sessions, and workshops by leading nutrition experts
šŸŽ Fantastic community support with thousands of participants

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PS: It's FREE if you register now! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to take control of your health and well-being.

Meet The Co-Hosts

Here is our awesome team.

Prof. Krish Murali Eswar

SKY Meditation Master, Innovation & Strategy Expert, Mentor, &

Dr. Achyuthan Eswar

Yoga & Naturopathy Physician & Co-founder, & and Secretary, Pavitraka Charitable Trust

Dr. Siddharth Bharath

Environmentalist, Educator & Co-founder, &

Shyamala Suresh

Plant-based Athlete & Co-founder, & and Chairman, Pavitraka Charitable Trust

Janani Eswar

Plant-based Baking Expert, Naturalist, Educator & Co-founder, &

Aditi Eswar

Plant-based Recipe Expert, Natural Parenting Mentor & Co-founder, &

Nalini Murthy

Natural Farming Expert & Co-founder,

Dr. Vandana Krishnamurthy

Botanist & Co-founder,

Lakshman Badami

Sustainable Architect & Co-founder, BeAnimal Hostel & The Happiness Cafe

Vanessa Zwick

Sustainable Architect & Co-founder, BeAnimal Hostel & The Happiness Cafe

Meet The Speakers

Here are our awesome speakers.

Dr. Sailesh Rao


Founder & Executive Director
Climate Healers

Dr. Nandita Shah


Physician, Author
Founder, SHARAN

Dr. Rupa Shah


Physician, Author & Founder
CircleOHealth & Health Revolution

Dr. Meenakshi Bharath

MBBS, MD Gynecology, DGO

Gynecologist & Sustainable Menstruation Expert

Dr. Zeeshan Ali


Kickstart India Program Specialist, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine 

Dr. Vanita Rahman


Board-certified Internal Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine Physician, & Clinic Director, Barnard Medical Center

Dr. Rajiv Bajekal


Lifestyle Medicine Physician, General Orthopaedic Surgeon, Spinal and Back Pain Specialist

Dr. Nitu Bajekal


Senior Consultant ObGyn, Author and Board-Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Nivi Jaswal

Intersectional Vegan Advocate, Social Entrepreneur & Founder, The Virsa Foundation

Salina Shah

Founder, Ahimsa Consulting LLC & Board Member, Actuaries for Sustainable Health Care

Vani Murthy

Composting & Sustainable Living Practitioner

Shankar Narayan

Satvik Vegan Society

Dr. Ajoy Prabhu

DCA, MS (Pathology)
MBA (Marketing)

Co-founder & CTO, Circee Health

Dr. Jennifer Prabhu

MD Pediatrics
MD Internal Medicine

Co-founder & CEO, Circee Health  

Madhu Nataraj

Award winning Choreographer, Mentor, Artpreneur, Founder,
STEM Dancy Kampni

Dr. Saravanan

BHMS, PGDHSC (Applied Nutrition), ACLM, FCN

Holistic Health & Wellness Expert

Rohini Bajekal

Nutritionist, Author and Board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Professional

Dr. Khyathi Rao


Vegan Dentist & Certified Implantologist  

Roshni Sanghvi

Science-based Nutritionist & Plant-based Fitness Expert

Ankini Singh

Vegan Recipe Creator & Health Influencer

Ritika Gupta

Vegan Activist, Actress, Healer

Parvathy Omanakuttan

Former Miss India, Miss World 1st Runners up, Model, Actor, Chef, Foodie

Nayana Premnath

Sustainability YouTuber, Content Creator

Susmitha Veganosaurus

Vegan Chef & Holistic Business Coach

Dr. Veena Acharya

MBBS, MD Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Gynecologist-Obstetrician, Fetal Medicine Specialist & Board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr. Rajeena Shahin


Medical Director, PAN International India and CEO & Founder, Invest on Health

Dr. Chetan Ginigeri

MBBS, MD Pediatrics

Program Director & Lead Consultant - Pediatrics, Aster Hospitals, Bangalore

Dr. Gauri Rokkam


Holistic Nutritionist

Dr. Rashmi Menon


Holistic Lifestyle Doctor

Dr. Vidya Chakravarthy


Entrepreneur, Ayurvedic Doctor and Healthcare IT specialist

Dr. Ashwath Hegde


Yoga & Naturopathy Physician, Counsellor & Co-founder, Samyoga Nature Cure Clinic

Dr. Keerthi K

BNYS, PGCert Acupuncture

Yoga & Naturopathy Physician, Pregnancy Expert & Co-founder, Samyoga Nature Cure Clinic

Dr. Sudhir Sethi


Consultant Paediatrician & Board Certified Lifestyle Physician 

Dr. Madhuri Pydisetty


Ethical Vegan, Dance Addict, Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr. Mary Raju Mathew

PharmD MSc

Whole Food Plant-based Nutritionist and Lifestyle Medicine Educator

Dr. Deepa Shukla

BNYS, MD Naturopathy (Clinical)

Medical Officer (Yoga & Naturopathy), Dept. Of Ayush, AIIMS Jodhpur

Saee Bapat

Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Therapist & Instructor, Co-founder, Poshak Life 

Deepali Gaonkar

Passionate Plant-based Cook & Co-founder, Poshak Life

Monica Samuel

Psychodramatist, Marketing Expert & Co-founder, Poshak Life

Nikita Solanki

Holistic Yoga & Plant-based Nutrition Expert

Deepika Kini

Animal Worker, Public Policy Professional, Bibiophile

Ar Pratiksha Porwal

Holistic Health & Mindset Coach

Nitya Ramakrishnan

Human, Vegan, Member, Whitefield Rising

Achala Pani

Founder & Executive Director, Let's Live Together NGO

Mayavi Khandelwal

Vegan Chef & Proprietor
My Pure Path

Neelima Sriram

Vegan Chef, Food Stylist and Food Consultant

Kashish Amit

Vegan Chef & Holistic Health Coach

Ar. Sharmila Kandeeban

Vegan Chef & Founder, Vriksh the Vegan Bistro

Mansee Shah Thard

Co-founder, Lahe Lahe & Playback Theatre Actor

Nidhi Nahata

Founder, JustBe Resto Cafe, Restauranteur, Educator & Certified Health Coach & Nutritionist

Priyanka N Jain

Plant-based Nutritionist, Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher & Founder, Soch Green

Anushree Kamath

Plant-powered advocacy leader & Fundraiser, Samayu

Deepti Kharbanda Bhat

Engineer turned Entrepreneur,
Sustainable Living Influencer

Namita Satheesh

Vegan Chef & Holistic Nutritionist

Varshitha Jain

Vegan Recipe Creator & Influencer

Pareen Sachdeva

India Lead, Climate Healers & Founder, Lactose Free Goddess

Meenal Jaisswal

Holistic Immunity Coach & Founder, Super Fit Life

Payal Patel

Vegan Entrepreneur & Founder, Aahar

Dr. Ranjitha Yadlam


Certified Endodontist, Holistic Nutrition, Natural Health & Lifestyle Coach, Certified RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Stuti Parekh

Animal Protection Activist & Assistant Manager, FIAPO - Federation of Animal Protection Organisations 

Vilasini Desikan

Community Member, Counsellor, Artist, Grandmother & Plant-based Recipe Expert

Revathy Rabindran

Community Member, Grandmother & Plant-based Practitioner

Maumita Das

Community Member & Plant-based Bengali Cuisine Expert

Maulik Vaishnav

Content  Writer, Content Strategist & Vegan Dad of 2 Furry Kids

Prajakti Desai

Home Cook and Recipe Developer

V Rajalakshmi

Community Member, Mother & Plant-based Practitioner

Dr Selvi S

Ophthalmologist & Animal Rights Activist

Dr Varsha Shah

DCH DNB (Pediatrics)

Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Expert in Adolescent Nutrition

Course Curriculum

Getting to Know You
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How to Get Maximum Benefit From this Campaign?
Introduction to Around India in 30 Dishes - Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (4:00)
Healthy Amla Buttermilk Recipe - Ritika Gupta & Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (20:00)
Brahmi Chutney | Ondelega Chutney - Dr Vandana Krishnamurthy & Dr. Achyuthan Eswar | Around India in 30 Dishes (26:00)
Healthy Potoler Dolma Recipe - Maumita Das & Achyuthan Eswar | Around India in 30 Dishes (20:00)
Healthy Sindhi Curry / Sindhi Kadhi Recipe Video | Kashish Amit & Dr. Achyuthan Eswar | Around India in 30 Dishes (10:00)
Healthy Dates Sweetened Red Rice Kozhakattai/Modak | Sharmila Kandeeban & Dr. Achyuthan Eswar | Around India in 30 Dishes (13:00)
Healthy Jhinge Aloo Posto Recipe | Ankini Singh & Dr. Achyuthan Eswar | Around India in 30 Dishes (17:00)
How to Make Oil-free, One Pot Brown Rice Pongal (14:00)
Dry Bhindi Curry with Oil-free Twist | Dr. Gauri Rokkam (9:00)
Red Rice Kozhukatta Recipe | Dr. Keerthi Kasargod & Dr. Ashwath Hegde | Around India in 30 Dishes (14:00)
Creamy Dal Baati Recipe Without Ghee - Nikita Solanki | Around India in 30 Dishes (17:00)
Sindhi Curry Recipe Without Oil - Kashish Amit | Around India in 30 Dishes (11:00)
How I Turned Plant-based as an Actress - Ritika Gupta with Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (15:00)
What Was on the White House Dinner Menu for PM Narendra Modi? Chef Nina Curtis Shares Millet Cooking Secrets for You | Interview with Chef Nina Curtis & Dr. Achyuthan Eswar | Around India in 30 Dishes (66:00)
How to Make Plant-based Bengali Delicacies - Maumita Das with Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (38:00)
Traditional Medicinal Plants in Your Home Garden - Dr. Vandana K & Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (53:00)
Plant-based Middle Eastern Recipes with Ar. Sharmila Kandeeban & Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (49:00)
How to Boost Your Wellness with Yoga & Nutrition - Nikita Solanki & Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (42:00)
Dairy Alternatives by Susmitha Veganosaurus & Dr Achyuthan Eswar | Around India in 30 Dishes (52:00)
How to Heal the Climate From Your Kitchen | Dr Sailesh Rao & Dr Siddharth Bharath (17:00)
How Ankini Singh Because a Wellness Influencer - Interview with Dr Achyuthan Eswar (57:00)

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The views expressed by the speakers are their own and not necessarily the views of or any of its affiliated organisations.

The information contained in this online course is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Please consult your doctor for personalised medical guidance.


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