7 Day Weight Loss Bootcamp

7 Day Weight Loss Bootcamp - Starts Mon, 12 Feb 2024

Transform your body and achieve better health in just 7 days!

Language: English

Instructors: Dr Achyuthan Eswar

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Why this course?



This 7 Day Weight Loss Bootcamp is designed to kickstart your weight loss journey and help you achieve better health in just one week. With a combination of science-backed recipes and a balanced meal plan, you will be able to shed those extra kilos and improve your overall health and well-being. Join us for a week of motivation, success, and transformation!

Key Highlights:

  • Science-based recipes
  • Balanced meal plans
  • Sustainable results
  • Motivation and support
  • Improved health and fitness

What you will learn:

  • Calorie Dilution
    Understand the fundamentals of weight loss and how to achieve calorie dilution effectively.
  • Fat Burning Foods
    Learn different types of foods that have been scientifically proven to maximize calorie burn and promote fat loss.
  • Healthy Habits
    Discover healthy eating habits and create a balanced meal plan for sustainable weight loss.
  • Motivation & Support
    Develop motivation and discipline to stay consistent with your health and nutrition routine.
  • Accountability
    Track your progress and make adjustments to your weight loss plan for long-term success.

Course Curriculum

Day 1: Introduction to Weight Loss Bootcamp
JOIN Support Group
LIVE - Day 1 Introduction to Weight Loss Bootcamp
Day 2: Creating a Healthy Meal Plan
LIVE DAY 2 - Portion control, choosing healthy foods, meal planning
Day 3: Mindful Eating
LIVE: Mindful Eating
Day 4: Monitoring Progress and Staying Motivated
LIVE Day 4: Habit Tracking, Evaluating Progress, Overcoming Plateaus & Building Motivation
Day 5: Understanding Nutritional Requirements
LIVE Day 5: Essential Nutrients, Balancing Energy Intake, When to Drink Water to Boost Fat Burning?
Day 6: Mindset and Behavior Change
Identifying Emotional Triggers and Stressors
Developing Healthy Habits and Routines
Building a Positive Body Image & Self Compassion
Live Day 6: Emotional Triggers, Healthy Habits & Self Compassion
Day 7: Sustaining Long-Term Weight Loss
LIVE Day 7: Sustainable Weight Loss, Celebrating Achievements & Setting New Goals
Healthy South Indian Recipes
Steamed Lentil Vada Recipe (9:00)
Red Rice Kozhukatta Recipe | Dr. Keerthi Kasargod & Dr. Ashwath Hegde (14:00)
Thuvaiyal Recipe - Fresh Chutney with Herbs & Roasted Lentils (6:00)
Brown Rice & Vegetables Bisi Bele Bath Recipe (12:00)
Avalakki Bath / Aval Upma Recipe with Red Rice Avalakki (10:00)
Oil-free Instant Pickle Recipe - Wholesome South Indian Tiffin Cuisine (5:00)
Soft Fluffy Idlis Recipe with Unpolished Grains - Wholesome South Indian Tiffin Cuisine (10:00)
Date Sweetened Moong Dal Payasam Recipe (10:00)
Mor Kuzhambu Recipe - Vilasini Desikan
No Coconut Chutney Recipe - Wholesome South Indian Tiffin Cuisine
Healthy Amla Buttermilk Recipe - Ritika Gupta & Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (20:00)
Healthy North Indian& Continental Recipes
Creamy Dal Baati Recipe Without Ghee - Nikita Solanki (17:00)
Proso Millet Sandwich Bread Loaf Recipe (16:00)
Healthy Jhinge Aloo Posto Recipe | Ankini Singh & Dr. Achyuthan Eswar (17:00)
Healthy Potoler Dolma Recipe - Maumita Das & Achyuthan Eswar (20:00)
Oil Free Aloo Paratha - Wholesome North Indian Cooking
Gluten-free Options for Sugar-free Pastries - Gluten free Hazelnut Brownies by Janani Eswar (17:00)
Gajar Halwa (17:00)
Palak Tofu (15:00)
Rajma Masala (11:00)
Creamy dairy free Dal Makhani (15:00)
Wholegrain Vegetable Pulav - Wholesome North Indian Cooking Aditi Eswar
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