7 Day South Indian Diabetes Diet Cooking

7 Day South Indian Diabetes Diet Cooking

Master the art of cooking South Indian diabetes-friendly dishes in just 7 days

Language: English & Tamil (English Subtitles Wherever Needed)

Instructors: Dr Achyuthan Eswar

Validity Period: 380 days

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Why this course?



This 7-day course is designed to help individuals with diabetes learn how to cook delicious and healthy South Indian meals for diabetes patients designed to improve insulin sensitivity and even support diabetes reversal.

By following the diabetes-specific recipes and meal plans provided in this course, participants may be able effectively manage their blood sugar levels and improve their overall health.

The course includes step-by-step instructions, kitchen replacement charts, and cooking techniques to create a variety of nutritious dishes that are suitable for individuals with diabetes.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn to cook delicious and healthy South Indian meals
  • Discover tips & tricks to make traditional recipes healthier
  • Manage blood sugar levels effectively
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Improve overall health with diabetes-specific recipes
  • Step-by-step instructions and cooking techniques
  • Suitable for diabetes prevention and for individuals with diabetes

What you will learn:

  • Learn to prepare a variety of South Indian dishes
    Explore a range of recipes that are suitable for individuals with diabetes, including dosa, idli, sambar, rice, rasam, kootu, chutney, payasam, pickle, kosambari, poriyal, palya, and more.
  • Understand the nutritional requirements for diabetes management
    Gain insights into the specific dietary needs of individuals with diabetes and understand how to create balanced and blood sugar-friendly meals.
  • Discover cooking techniques for healthier meal preparation
    Learn cooking techniques that minimise oil and sugar usage without compromising on taste, making your South Indian meals healthier.
  • Customize meal plans based on individual preferences
    Get guidance on modifying recipes and meal plans to suit different dietary preferences and restrictions, ensuring an evidence-based approach to diabetes management.
  • Stay motivated with support and tips
    Access support from a community of learners and receive useful tips to stay motivated throughout the 7-day journey of mastering South Indian diabetes diet cooking.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to South Indian Diabetes Diet
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Understanding diabetes and its root causes
Benefits of a South Indian Whole Food Plant Based diet for diabetes management
Day 1: Breakfast
Traditional South Indian breakfast options for diabetics
Oil-free Masala Dosa with Potato Stuffing | Wholesome South Indian Tiffin Cuisine (13:00)
Soft Fluffy Idlis Recipe with Unpolished Grains - Wholesome South Indian Tiffin Cuisine (10:00)
Avalakki Bath / Aval Upma Recipe with Red Rice Avalakki (10:00)
Day 2: Lunch
Healthy South Indian lunch ideas for diabetics
Brown Rice & Vegetables Bisi Bele Bath Recipe (12:00)
Oil-free Vegetable Sambar - Wholesome South Indian Tiffin Cuisine (19:00)
How to Cook Millets Quickly & Soft (6:00)
How to Make Oil-free Poriyal, Palya or Thoran (13:00)
Homestyle Spinach Kootu with Fresh Ground Garnish Recipe (9:00)
Tips for balancing carbohydrates in your lunch
Day 3: Dinner
Delicious dinner options to keep blood sugar in check
No Coconut Chutney Recipe - Wholesome South Indian Tiffin Cuisine
Thuvaiyal Recipe - Fresh Chutney with Herbs & Roasted Lentils (6:00)
Day 4: Snacks
Healthy and tasty South Indian snacks for diabetics
Steamed Lentil Vada Recipe (9:00)
Tips for smart snacking choices
Day 5: Desserts
Indulgent yet diabetes-friendly South Indian desserts
Date Sweetened Moong Dal Payasam Recipe | South Indian Tiffin Recipes Cooking Workshop (10:00)
Recipe 2: Traditional Yellu Urundai with a twist
Tips for satisfying your sweet tooth without sugar spikes
Day 6: Beverages
Refreshing and healthy beverage options for diabetics
Homemade herbal tea with diabetes-fighting benefits (6:00)
Low-calorie Plant-based buttermilk with a twist (7:00)
Tips for hydrating with flavorful drinks
Day 7: Meal Planning
Creating balanced meal plans for diabetes management
Tips for incorporating a variety of food groups
Sample meal plans for diabetes prevention & reversal
Importance of portions and timing
BONUS Day 8: Dining Out
Navigating South Indian restaurants while managing diabetes
Tips for making healthier choices while eating out
Understanding hidden sugars and ingredients in dishes
Options for modifying traditional South Indian recipes
BONUS: Resources for Your Diabetes Reversal Journey
Healthy Kitchen Replacements
Get Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Millets & Groceries

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