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How to Solve Acid Reflux Without Medications


How to Solve Acid Reflux Without Medications? Learn about the number one cause of acid reflux and how you can easily eliminate it (plus why antacids don't solve the root cause of acidity)

Doctor's Note

When my mother tells me stories of my childhood, it would invariably involve one about how I couldn't tell when I had eaten enough. Apparently, I would stuff myself with food and the only way she could find out if I had eaten enough was to check my tummy! My every memory of eating out at a restaurant ends in taking a long walk, attempting to be able to breathe after eating all that food! I remember the acid reflux and heartburn that would plague me for days that followed.

I eventually learned to eat the right amount of food, but the acidity never got better - until I read the research that showed what the root cause of acid reflux was. I was quite surprised, because it had nothing to do with spice (which I had considered the main culprit). What's more, that glass of milk that I thought magically made things all better was actually doing more harm than good.

It was so eye-opening, I created this video explaining how to solve acid reflux without medications for you. I hope you enjoy it! Do leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Did you know, every one of our 200+ recipes on the 21 Day Plant-Based Kickstart are 100% Whole Food Plant Based, which means they contain zero oil and zero animal foods? In fact, we have had several people write to us saying their acid reflux immediately reduced, and completely went away for some, after the kickstart

At PHC Lifestyle Clinic, we offer Plant-based Lifestyle Programs to Reverse Acid Reflux. Our physicians don't just give medications, but guide participants through scientifically proven lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure, and possibly reduce or even eliminate medications. The program is also designed to reduce cholesterol and achieve ideal weight without going on a diet. Click the button below to find out more and book a consultation today!



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