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Whole Food Plant Based Recipe

Whole Food Plant Based Almond Butter Recipe

Try using almond butter is a variety of dishes and tell us which one you like best!

Almond Butter anyone? This versatile butter is not only easy to make at home, but can be made instantly. You can use it as a spread on toast, for baking, to make gravies richer, in smoothies, and well, the list is endless. Almond butter has a unique texture and flavour which adds to the dish in addition to making it richer and creamier.

Nut butters are great dairy replacements as they give pretty much similar results while making the dish so much healthier.

Try using almond butter is a variety of dishes and tell us which one you like best!

Almond Butter Recipe - Whole Food Plant Based

Course: Fundamental Recipe, Dairy Alternative
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 cup


2 cups Kashmiri Almonds


  1. Blend almonds in a high speed blender. If required, split into two or three batches, depending on the size of your blender.
  2. After a minute or so, almonds will get blended into almond powder, and then get stuck to the sides of the blender, causing the blade to spin freely. At this point, stop the blender and scrape down the sides of the jar, and blend again. Repeat this until smooth, pourable almond butter is formed.
  3. If you are using a regular mixie, ensure to not let your mixie get overheated. Take breaks for a minute or two when needed.

Nutrition Science Highlights for WFPB Almond Butter Recipe

  1. Why not dairy? Dairy products have been found to be associated with increased risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity, asthma, PCOS, and heart disease. We can still enjoy our milk, cream, and butter though - as long as they are made from whole plant foods!
  2. Why nuts instead of oil? Whole foods are healthier than processed foods. When nuts are pressed and oil is extracted, fiber and phytonutrients are lost, along with many other nutrients. Therefore, whole nuts are much healthier than oils, whether cold-pressed or refined.

Dr Achyuthan Eswar
Lifestyle Physician & Co-founder,, PHC Lifestyle Clinic & Plant-based Kitchen

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